5 Page Basic Website Design



Basic Website comes with 5 basic pages.

Website Built on WordPress platform.

Domain & Hosting is not included with this package unless advised by ad or special.

up to 5 pictures per page.

5-30 business day turnaround.  (Depending on complexity of website)

Maintenance is recommended with this type of product as there is always updates that occur with Website Design. You can purchase our monthly Maintenance plan for as little as $35 per month. Any updates that happen after the deliver stage of the product will be considered additional services listed below.

Additional services may be need to completed your project.
We offer the following services:
  • Business consulting starting at $150 per hour
  • Web design starting at $150 per page
  • Web maintenance starting at $35 per section
  • Graphic design starting at $50
  • Social media starting at $300
  • Full payment is due before any work is started.
  • Publication, release, or delivery of work done by BOSS Encounters on behalf of, may not take place before all the due payments are cleared.
  • Any additional work beyond the scope of this agreement will be subject to a second evaluation and invoicing for the time required.
  • Any Payment received acknowledges that you fully agree to the stated proposal.
  • BOSS Encounters will agree not to misuse or disclose, during and after the completion of this association, any confidential information on each other that they may come across during this association.
  • This will apply to their respective employees and third-party associations as well.
Warranty of Services
  • Client agrees to provide prompt access to necessary staff, data, login credentials or other details as appropriate that contribute to the development and completion of the project.
  • BOSS Encounters will guarantee that all services will be completed within the timeframe agreed upon and with professionalism.
  • All information that is considered proprietary by your company will be handled with confidentiality during and after the term of the project.
  • We will be open to suggestions and rectifications for improvement.
  • Project feedback should be given within 10 business days from project delivery date. All additional work or requests will be billed at the regular hourly rate. (1 Hour Minimum)
Project Pause and Cancellation Policy
  • You have the right to reject, modify, stop, or cancel any plans or work in progress.
  • However, you agree to remit us all costs and expenses incurred before any changes were implemented. The balance due must be paid within 3 business days.
  • The project will be considered put on “pause” if there is no forward movement within 14 calendar days due to lack of collaboration from the Client or BOSS Encounters.
  • The project will be considered canceled if there is no forward movement within 21 calendar days due to lack of collaboration from the Client or BOSS Encounters.
  • In the event the project is put on pause or canceled, the project will be subject to a $100.00 “pause” or cancellation fee, billed to the party putting the project on pause.